Considerations When Hiring A Builder


Finding a builder can be a daunting experience since you want a professional who understands every aspect of your project. Moreover, the builder should deliver quality work within a short period and at a reasonable price. So, what should you look for in a builder? Below are some tips. 

Available Services

A challenge you will experience when building your home is that you have to work with different service providers who have not worked with each other previously. This often leads to miscommunication and project delays since each professional would want to work within their own schedule. You can avoid this by hiring a builder who offers comprehensive building services. Typically, the builder takes care of the draft work, local council permits, site assessments, bricklaying and the installation of amenities. It helps reduce the stresses of following up on your project since you only have to deal with a single individual.  

Comprehension of Project Specifics

The builder should understand every aspect of the building construction project. For example, they should comprehend zoning regulations and the building code to ensure that the building design and construction work do not disregard these regulations. Moreover, they should develop a customer-centred approach when designing the building. Typically, your needs and the building's functionality should take centre stage during the design process. However, the builder could recommend innovative features that improve the building's energy efficiency, value and appeal. 

Ask the builder for the project schedules to assess their organisation skills. Ideally, the construction timetable should list all the preparation works and allocate reasonable time limits. Moreover, the building plan must be feasible. For instance, foundations, slabs and pillars should have adequate time to cure. Furthermore, the builder should incorporate quality surveying checks into the construction plan. These are mandatory in Australia, and you risk hefty fines if an independent surveyor does not inspect and sanction the building works.  

Project Management Skills

Consider the following when evaluating the builder's project management skills: 

  • The construction team should consist of experienced and licenced professionals such as architects, engineers, bricklayers, electricians, plant operators, plumbers and landscapers. Conduct due diligence to assess the skills set of the team leaders.
  • The builder's budget must be accurate. Moreover, it should consider inflation and any unforeseen events that could affect the initial quote.
  • The builder should apply lean project management concepts to control costs and reduce wastage. For instance, the site should not have too many employees since it is difficult to monitor their output.
  • The builder must be mindful of the environment. For example, they could use sustainable building materials or energy-efficient machines. 

When hiring a builder, examine the services offered, their comprehension of the project specifics and project management skills. 

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20 April 2022

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