School Playground: Three Planning Tips for Effective Line Marking


If you are planning on improving the playground in your school, you should think about using line marking. In general, these markings are ideal because they are durable. You will not need to plan for constant refurbishment. Also, this approach is versatile, so you can create diverse play and learning resources on the ground for the children. Besides, the prominent markings will attract more attention, making the school more desirable to parents.

28 September 2020

Reasons To Incorporate Bamboo Screening In Your Garden


Bamboo is an extremely eco-friendly material; it grows faster than timber, is lighter and so easier to harvest, and often requires fewer chemicals. It is thus an ideal material to use around the home. One widespread use is bamboo screening, which can help with many problems that arise when living in the urban jungle. Read on to discover how screening can resolve some common issues. Create Much Needed Privacy With housing becoming ever denser, privacy issues can crop up.

3 January 2020