School Playground: Three Planning Tips for Effective Line Marking


If you are planning on improving the playground in your school, you should think about using line marking. In general, these markings are ideal because they are durable. You will not need to plan for constant refurbishment. Also, this approach is versatile, so you can create diverse play and learning resources on the ground for the children. Besides, the prominent markings will attract more attention, making the school more desirable to parents. If you are unfamiliar with line marking for playgrounds, consider these tips for ideal planning.

Develop the Design

You should develop a plan for marking the school playground. The lack of a clear design will affect the final results. In general, you will need to determine the desired outcome of the marking project. For instance, if you would like to provide more learning resources, you can attempt to create lines and charts that incorporate information while marking. The design should be aimed at making learning the core lessons fun.

Some beneficial options include maps, mazes with letters and words and even large-scale board games. If you are creating a space for simple play, you can base your layout on popular outdoor games and sports. When developing the design, it is important to consider the available space and its efficient use. Also, opt for painted games and features which will have long-term usage. Simply speaking, these should be evergreen instead of seasonal.

Choose Your Colours

You need to select the best colours for your playground markings. More colourful playgrounds will be more appealing to children. Line marking supplies such as general paint, spray paint and thermoplastic tape are available in a range of standard colours, including white and yellow. Moreover, you can inquire about the special unique options which you use from your general contractor. For the best results, it is advisable to combine different colours for a stunning visual effect.

Clean the Surfaces

If you have a good layout and have chosen the best colours for playground marking, you should prepare for the actual painting process by cleaning the surfaces. Dirty surfaces will not promote the adhesion of paint or tape. This could result in premature failure of the markings. Therefore, you should ensure that the playground is washed and scrubbed. Where possible, use a power washer. However, you can also utilise detergent and a scrubbing brush to eliminate oil stains and other stubborn stains.

Finally, you should discuss the different types of school line marking with a general contractor before commissioning the project. 


28 September 2020

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