Considerations When Hiring A Builder


Finding a builder can be a daunting experience since you want a professional who understands every aspect of your project. Moreover, the builder should deliver quality work within a short period and at a reasonable price. So, what should you look for in a builder? Below are some tips.  Available Services A challenge you will experience when building your home is that you have to work with different service providers who have not worked with each other previously.

20 April 2022

Bricklaying Tips for New Contractors


As the Australian construction industry continues to boom, bricklaying is quickly becoming a popular hands-on vocation. Unlike carpenters and sparkies, bricklayers remain a significant cog in the construction industry. If you are a novice bricklayer, an apprenticeship offers everything you need to know about the craft. However, bricklaying in the real world throws new contractors in the deep end. Thus, it is easy to make rookie mistakes and negatively affect your bricklaying career.

22 March 2021

School Playground: Three Planning Tips for Effective Line Marking


If you are planning on improving the playground in your school, you should think about using line marking. In general, these markings are ideal because they are durable. You will not need to plan for constant refurbishment. Also, this approach is versatile, so you can create diverse play and learning resources on the ground for the children. Besides, the prominent markings will attract more attention, making the school more desirable to parents.

28 September 2020

Reasons To Incorporate Bamboo Screening In Your Garden


Bamboo is an extremely eco-friendly material; it grows faster than timber, is lighter and so easier to harvest, and often requires fewer chemicals. It is thus an ideal material to use around the home. One widespread use is bamboo screening, which can help with many problems that arise when living in the urban jungle. Read on to discover how screening can resolve some common issues. Create Much Needed Privacy With housing becoming ever denser, privacy issues can crop up.

3 January 2020

Repainting School Line Markings: 3 Ideas


If you are planning to renovate the exterior of your school, you may not have given much thought to repainting the line markings that surround the building. While they are often overlooked, the line markings on and around your school building provide useful information and help to keep teachers, pupils and parents safe. Read on to find out about 3 areas you should focus on. Walkways and crossings Navigating a car park or bus pick-up point can be dangerous.

9 September 2019

5 Features to Consider When Selecting Plasterboards


Several types of plasterboards exist on the market in case you would like to buy some sheets for a DIY project. This article discusses some of the features that differentiate one type of plasterboard from another. Use this information to select the most appropriate type for your needs. Insulation Some plasterboards have a layer of insulating foam that is added on one of their sides. Such plasterboard is suitable in case you would like to use that material for a project in which thermal insulation is a key consideration.

25 May 2017

Five Tips for Choosing Balustrades for Your Balcony


A balcony is a great place to enjoy the outdoors while getting a view of the surrounding area. However, to be safe, your balcony needs balustrades. Here are some tips to keep in mind as you select the balustrades for your balcony: 1. Think beyond railings Balustrades can feature the simple and traditional look of vertical or horizontal railings, but that is certainly not the only option. Make your balustrades reflect your personal style by choosing ones with scrollwork or interesting designs.

29 September 2016