Repainting School Line Markings: 3 Ideas


If you are planning to renovate the exterior of your school, you may not have given much thought to repainting the line markings that surround the building. While they are often overlooked, the line markings on and around your school building provide useful information and help to keep teachers, pupils and parents safe. Read on to find out about 3 areas you should focus on.

Walkways and crossings

Navigating a car park or bus pick-up point can be dangerous. Kids are not as spatially aware as adults, which means they are more likely to misjudge how much time they have to cross the road or the speed of an approaching vehicle. You can help to keep the kids in your school safe by having walkways and crossings painted onto the ground. It is a good idea to use a different colour of paint for the walkways and crossings so they clearly stand out. For example, you could use yellow paint for a crossing and white for road markings.

Bus stops

The average school is served by a number of different buses, which means you will need an area where they can safely park. It is also important that the bus drivers are able to understand where they need to stop to pick up kids. One easy way of making it easy for drivers to find the right bus stop is to have the number of the bus painted onto the roadway in front of the bus stop.

Keep clear signs

When people park cars outside a school, it can create a number of problems. The primary problem is one relating to safety. If cars have been parked close together, they may block the view of people who are attempting to cross the road, increasing the chance that they will be hit and run down by a vehicle. Secondly, double-parking on both sides of the street can take up a lot of room, making it very difficult for larger vehicles like school buses to travel down the road. One way of addressing this issue is to have yellow zig-zag lines painted outside your school. You may also wish to add the words "KEEP CLEAR" as a warning to motorists.

If you are interested in finding out more, you should make contact with a local general contractor who specialises in laying down road and line markings today.

For more information on school line marking, contact a line marker.


9 September 2019

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