Reasons To Incorporate Bamboo Screening In Your Garden


Bamboo is an extremely eco-friendly material; it grows faster than timber, is lighter and so easier to harvest, and often requires fewer chemicals. It is thus an ideal material to use around the home. One widespread use is bamboo screening, which can help with many problems that arise when living in the urban jungle. Read on to discover how screening can resolve some common issues.

Create Much Needed Privacy

With housing becoming ever denser, privacy issues can crop up. You might be lounging in your backyard before noticing eyes peering out of the next-door window. One way to reclaim your own space is to increase the fence height with bamboo screening. Easy to attach, these screens provide an attractive natural textured feel, creating a beautiful relaxed vibe in the backyard. If your fence is looking a bit worn and ragged, the bamboo will smarten up the landscape. Chain link fences, in particular, provide little privacy and thus provide the ideal target for an upgrade. Unify outdoors and indoors by repeating bamboo in both domains, for a seamless transition between the two.

Hide Ugly Bins, Air Conditioners And Tools

Ugly bins and external air conditioning units often create eyesores that ruin your landscape. Bamboo screens are ideal for hiding these unsightly areas and giving such functional items their own designated area. Just make sure you allow enough floor space around air conditioners for maintenance and upkeep. You might like to screen your backyard shed, or if you don't have a shed, hide your array of tools with bamboo screens.

Filter Harsh Sunlight

An outdoor gazebo or patio provides a relaxing space to unwind, but blinding sunlight can limit its use. A covering of bamboo screening filters light, providing a comfortable and tranquil space. Because they don't block sunshine totally, you can still experience the outdoors in a softer light— as if you were in a forest with sun rays flickering through a canopy of trees. Your contractor can advise on ways to lessen the effects of weathering on the bamboo. 

Add Visual Interest

Sometimes a pool or garden area can simply need jazzing up. Why not install bamboo screen along the back wall of a pool deck, and place large planters filled with lush foliage? Alternatively, encompass a meditation garden with a screen, and set some large boulders along the side of a ferny pond with a babbling fountain. Bamboo combines well with metal and stone, and it's the ideal material to eliminate the feel of a concrete jungle, adding warmth and texture to the environment.


3 January 2020

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