Skip Bin Hire: Picking the Perfect Location


If you have just ordered a skip bin to remove waste from your home, you may not have considered exactly what you are going to do with it when it arrives. Below is a guide to placing your skip bin in the perfect location to complete your job in an efficient and safe way.

Delivery date

When you hire your skip bin, you should plan to have it delivered before you need it. This will help to prevent any last second problems and give you enough time to ensure that the skip bin is placed in the best possible position. It will also mean that once work begins, any waste can be placed directly into the skip bin rather than having to be stored in a pile before being disposed of.


You should also consider the fact that a large truck will be arriving at your property to drop off and collect the skip bin, so you should pick a spot which a truck can easily access which is free of obstructions such as overhead power lines and other structures. If you do not consider access in advance, this could lead to a delay in the delivery or collection of your skip bin.

Distance from the site of the work

You should try to position the skip bin as close as possible to the location where the work is being carried out. Having the skip bin close to the site of your work has a number of benefits, such as reducing the chance that stray materials will be dropped on your property. It will also help to save time and allow you to carry out the work on your home or garden more efficiency, reducing the workload for whoever has to load the waste material into the skip bin.

Protect the ground

Skip bins are manufactured using heavy steel. While this makes them robust and strong, it also makes them very heavy. Because of this fact, you should carefully consider the type of ground you place the skip bin on. If you place the skip bin on very soft ground, it could begin to sink. If you place the skip bin on a paved surface, you should use wooden planks to help to cushion and protect the surface from damage.

If you are planning on making a skip bin hire, contact a professional contractor. They will be able to offer you further help and advice about the best location to place the skip bin during the work you wish to carry out.


2 August 2016

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