Easy and Affordable Ways to Brighten Up Any Small Bathroom


A small bathroom can not only be cramped and crowded and not offer you the storage you need, but it can also be very dark and downright drab and dreary. You may not have the budget to replace the flooring and tile in this type of space, but the good news is that you don't need to renovate the bathroom for a better view overall. Note a few easy and affordable ways to brighten up any small bathroom and make it look more open and airy.


Mirrors bounce around what light you do have in the bathroom, so use them in more places than just over the sink. Group small mirrors together over the toilet or on another wall, using them as you would artwork. This can make the space seem brighter and help to cover a dark wall color.

Metallic accents

Since you need a soap dispenser, wastebasket, and other such accessories in the bath anyway, why not use them to brighten the space? Avoid dark tones and choose stainless steel items, as this will reflect light just like mirrors. It also keeps surfaces where you store such accessories from looking darker and seeming downright muddy.

Metallic paint

If you can't afford to repaint your entire bathroom, opt for a paint color in a tone that will complement the current color but in a metallic finish. Use a small amount to paint a wide stripe going around the walls horizontally, or add some vertical stripes along one wall. The metallic color will reflect light and make the space seem open, and using just a small amount of this type of paint will save you on the cost of redoing the entire bathroom.


Another cheap way of changing or hiding a drab paint color without repainting the space is to use sections of wallpaper and frame them like artwork. Look for wallpaper scraps at a home improvement store and silver or metallic frames that help to bring in light colors.


Glass reflects light rather than absorbs it, so installing a glass shower screen can be a good way to open up a dark bathroom. If you opt for a partial glass screen with an opening at one end of the tub, this can make the space seem larger as well as brighter. If you choose a hinged glass shower screen, be sure you opt for stainless steel hinges rather than bronze or another dark color, as these too will help to reflect light. 


8 August 2016

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