A Few Tips for Maintaining Timber Windows


Timber or wood windows can be a great choice for any home, as they provide a traditional look and feel that you usually can't get with vinyl or aluminum windows. Timber window frames and sills also allow you to change up the look over time; you can paint them white for a crisp look next to a dark wall color or stain them for something more natural. One thing you must remember about timber windows, however, is that they do need regular maintenance over time. Note a few tips for ensuring that your wood window frames are always in good condition and you're not doing anything to cause damage.

Use oil soap

Using regular household soap or detergent to clean wood windows can cause the wood to dry and, in turn, get brittle and crack. Wood needs oil to stay soft and supple and not shrink up because of becoming dry. Imagine a very dry board you might see at the lumberyard that is twisted and warped because of shrinking, and this is what you might do to your wood windows by using harsh detergents. Invest in a good wood soap or oil soap and note the manufacturer's instructions for how much to add to a certain amount of water, and always use this on your wood windows.

Check for drafts and use weather-stripping

If you notice that your wood windows seem a bit drafty, it's good to use weather-stripping around the frame. This will help to block these drafts; not only is this good for keeping your home comfortable, but also that added air that circulates around the wood can also mean making it dry out sooner than it should, as mentioned above.

Remove mildew

Even with regular sealing and proper maintenance, your timber windows may eventually get mildew that collects around the edges. For this cleaning, you do need to use something stronger than oil soap. It's good to use a wood cleanser, but then add a bit of bleach. Spray the solution onto the wood surface with a spray bottle and let it soak in for several minutes so it can actually kill the mildew. Wipe the wood and then inspect it carefully to note if there are any signs of residual mildew; if so, use bleach itself that is not diluted and spray the wood again. Once you've wiped this off, use your oil soap over it to replenish the wood and keep it from drying out.


15 August 2016

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