What You Ought To Know About Engineered Stone


Stonework is a great way to add a rustic charm to both the interior and the exterior of your home. Nevertheless, you will find homeowners tend to opt for other alternatives when they begin to consider the cost as well as the care and maintenance that goes into keeping natural stonework in pristine condition. If you would still like the aesthetics of stonework, you should consider engineered stone. So what do you need to know about engineered stone?

What is engineered stone?

Engineered stone is a form of reconstituted stone. This means it is made up of various materials such as aggregates, resins as well as pigments. The most common type of aggregate used to create this stone is quartz. One of the main aesthetic benefits of engineered stone is that is has a uniform appearance that you would not find in naturally occurring stone. This makes it a suitable option for homeowners who are looking to create a sense of uniformity in their décor options.

What are the benefits of engineered stone?

There are an array of advantages associated with the use of engineered stone. Some of these benefits include the following.

Engineered stone is durable: The manufacturing processes that go into the creation of engineered stone create an extremely sturdy material. For one, this type of stonework will not easily succumb to chips and scratches. This makes it an appropriate alternative when installing your stonework at high traffic areas, such as flooring. In addition to this, the engineered stone is also resistant to abrasions and chemical reactions. As such, you can be assured that it will not acquire damage from the chemicals found in common household detergents.

Engineered stone is attractive: Another benefit of engineered stone is that you are afforded a wide array of colour palettes to choose from for your household. You can make the choice between solid colours in your engineered stone, or opt for patterned stone. This functions to ensure that every homeowner can find a design that will not only appeal to them, but also that can easily integrate into their current décor choices.

Engineered stone can be used for different applications: Engineered stone will typically be used for flooring. Nevertheless, this is not the only application that it is suitable for. You can choose to use it in other ways such as trimming for your fireplace, splashbacks in kitchens and bathrooms, room partitioning, bench tops and more.


27 September 2016

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