Five Tips for Choosing Balustrades for Your Balcony


A balcony is a great place to enjoy the outdoors while getting a view of the surrounding area. However, to be safe, your balcony needs balustrades. Here are some tips to keep in mind as you select the balustrades for your balcony:

1. Think beyond railings

Balustrades can feature the simple and traditional look of vertical or horizontal railings, but that is certainly not the only option. Make your balustrades reflect your personal style by choosing ones with scrollwork or interesting designs. Work with a professional contractor to ensure that the designs don't have excessive openings and are considered to be safe under international and local building codes.

2. Consider glass

In lieu of straight balustrades or decorative wrought iron panels with railings, consider putting in glass railings on your balcony. These have no openings, making them safer for very small pets who may be able to slip through the gaps of a traditional balustrade. Additionally, the glass allows the light through, ensuring the railing doesn't block any of the light coming to the windows or doors facing the balcony.

3. Combine a balustrade with a partial wall

If you like the look of a balustrade but crave something solid, combine a partial wall with a balustrade. The wall can be made of plaster or whatever material matches your balcony. Then, a short railing can be attached on top of it in the style of your choice.

4. Mix full-sided walls with balustrades

In other cases, to create a bit of visual contrast, you may want to combine full walls with balustrades. For example, you may want to add a metal grated panel that stretches from floor to ceiling on one side of your balcony, but you may contrast that with a traditional, waist-height balustrade on the other sides of your balcony. Similarly, you could opt for a plaster or stucco wall paired with a metal or glass balustrade.

5. Integrate supportive pillars with balustrades

If your balcony has a roof above it, it may need supportive pillars along its edge. Your railing doesn't necessarily have to be the same material as your pillars. Instead, you can run a balustrade through that area. In this case, your balustrade would be a series of small railings, each large enough to cover the area between two pillars.

To get more ideas on which sort of balustrades are right for your balcony, get in touch with a staircase specialist.


29 September 2016

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